Krzysztof Grochocki
Educated as IT technician specializing in computer networks and operating systems, programmer and web developer (knowledge of C++, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3) with years of experience. Developer of many plugins for AQQ – the polish communicator, the WordPress plugins developer, XMPP server administrator – jix.IM.


04.2014 - present
The owner and chief administrator
04.2018 - present
Senior CEX Back Office Specialist Sp. z o.o.
04.2014 - 03.2018
Technical Support Senior Specialist Sp. z o.o.
04.2012 - 03.2014
Technical Support Specialist Sp. z o.o.
10.2010 - 03.2012
Technical Support Junior Specialist Sp. z o.o.
07.2010 - 09.2010
Technical Customer Service Junior Specialist Sp. z o.o.
02.2009 - present
Programmer & Web Developer
Beherit Development