Full Stack Developer

My name is Krzysztof Grochocki, I’m a programmer and web developer with years of experience. Usually I deal with back-end – I create web applications and WordPress plugins. I’m the owner and administrator of the XMPP – jix.IM. Professionally, I technically support employees in the company and cooperate with technology teams, I create scripts to improve work efficiency.


I have many years of experience in programming, I know very well PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.

WordPress Templates

I developing templates for WordPrecss based on the latest technologies – HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

WordPress Plugins

I have a lot of experience in making plugins for WordPress, if you need some functionality I would happy to develop it.

Websites optimization

I offer optimization of websites, increasing their security and implementing improvements for search engines.

Technical support

I install servers from scratch, I manage websites based on WordPress. Do you need an administrator? Contact me.

XMPP servers

I offer a comprehensive installation of XMPP servers based on ejabberd. It is also possible to connect own domain to my server.