Lite Contact Form

Lightweight and simple contact form with no additional user-unfriendly options. You can add the contact form to any page with a shortcode contact_form. Plugin is integrated with plugin Akismet and GreCAPTCHA which protect against spam.

Download Lite Contact Form (1.1.4)
Last updated: 18.08.2020

Lite Contact Form

How to change sender and recipient email address?

By default, the plugin uses the administrator’s email address which is set in the WordPress general settings. It can be changed by adding attributes to the shortcode.

How to protect the contact form against spam?

The plugin has no built-in spam protection features, but is integrated with other plugins which do that job in the best way. You can use for it plugin Akismet or/and GreCAPTCHA.

Will this plugin work with cache plugins?
Yes. The plugin was designed to work with cache plugins. It uses lightweight Vanilla JS script and WordPress REST API to process requests.
How to change the style of the contact form?

By default, the fields description is displayed in placeholders, but you can change it to labels.

If you want only to change CSS style just add selectors to file style.css in active theme or create new file lite-contact-form.css in active theme.

How to add custom fields?

The plugin is simple and there are no settings to add custom fields, you need to add PHP code e.g. in functions.php in the active theme.

Use the add_filter function to add a custom field, there are three filters that you can use.

You can validates the entire request or only your field.

There are two more filters that you can use to change the email subject and the message body.

1.1.4 18.08.2020
Fixed Akismet API call.
1.1.2 05.08.2020
Minor improvements.
1.1 19.05.2020
Added a style attribute for shortcode.
Enqueue CSS stylesheet from active theme.
1.0 18.05.2020
Initial release.

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