Simple Comment Notification

Sends an simply email notification to the comment author, when someone replies to his comment. No configuration, support WordPress translation process.

The plugin is also available here – in the official plugins directory on Ratings and reviews are welcome.

Download Simple Comment Notification (1.1)
Last updated: 12.03.2017

Plugin have a hidden functionality that sends autoresponder to the author of the comment. To turn it on you must add such code (e.g. in functions.php in the active theme):

Optionally, you can also turn off default plugin functionality:

The title and content of the autoresponder can be personalized:

You can even set who will not receive this notifications by changing minimum required user capabilities:

1.1 12.03.2017
Fix the URL to a new comment.
Sending autoresponder to the author of the comment (disabled by default).
1.0.2 12.03.2016
Add POT file and remove language files to allow language packs to take effect.
1.0 06.03.2016
First public version.

7 thoughts on “Simple Comment Notification”

  1. I have my comments set up through Jetpack so that users can log in using WP, Twitter, or Facebook. So not every commenter leaves an email. Will this plug-in still work with those settings?
    Thanks so much.

  2. Great, thanks. I tested it with a Twitter log-in and it did work. When you’re updating, would it be possible to add an “unsubscribe to comment reply” option?


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