Ejabberd Account Tools

Provide ejabberd account tools such as the registration form, deleting the account, resetting the account password. The plugin uses ReST API (by using module mod_http_api), is useful when the XMPP server is located on another machine. Easy to configure and use – just need to type ReST API url and insert shortcodes on the page.

Download Ejabberd Account Tools (2.6.8)
Last updated: 18.09.2020
2.6.8 18.09.2020
Fix score verification in some cases for reCAPTCHA v3.
2.6.6 17.09.2020
Verifying score threshold for reCAPTCHA v3.
JS Cookie updated to 3.0.0-rc.0.
2.6.4 01.09.2020
Protecting forms from misuse.
Fixed uses of the transients.
Fixed reCAPTCHA v2 rendering.
Always loading minified files.
Huebee updated to 2.1.0.
2.6.2 19.08.2020
Fix settings UI for WordPress 5.5.
Minor reCAPTCHA improvements.
Fixed registration form to work with only one vhost.
Removed several PHP warnings.
2.6 31.07.2020
Added PHP Captcha.
Other minor improvements.
2.5.2 07.05.2020
Registration timeout verification has been moved a few steps higher.
Added omitted host parameter for registration form.
Saving to cache the result of email address verification in Validator.pizza.
Added cache-control header for Web Presence.
Other minor improvements.
2.5 22.04.2020
Pure JavaScript instead of jQuery.
Improved forms style.
Option to disable reCAPTCHA.
Other minor improvements.
2.4.2 07.04.2020
Better handling of form submission events for reCAPTCHA.
Loading reCAPTCHA only on custom events.
Displaying the minified reCAPTCHA script for better compatibility with cache plugins.
Removed password retyping.
2.4 19.03.2020
Added native Google reCAPTCHA integration.
Visual changes on the settings page.
Removed options rest_timeout, rest_retry, sender_email, sender_name, set_last.
Removed filter ejabat_sslverify.
Minor changes and fixes.
2.3 19.02.2020
Major changes in example configuration.
Suggesting valid email address.
Watchers now support multiple JIDs.
Notification of account activation.
Notification when private email address has changed.
Notification about every progress of the password reset process.
Notification about every progress of the deleting account process.
The forms loading animation can be turned off.
Visual changes on the settings page.
Better handling of unexpected errors.
Added form to ban account from admin panel.
Other minor improvements.
2.2 04.09.2019
Improved default forms style.
Better support for cache plugins.
Disconnect user’s active sessions after changing password.
Changed Web Presence data structure in private storage.
Custom colors in Web Presence settings.
Added form to unban IP address from admin panel.
Get user name from vCard in email notifications.
Encode special characters in REST API requests.
Changed some variables names and their labels.
Hint.css updated to 2.6.0.
A lot of minor changes and improvements.
2.1 04.03.2018
Fixed bug in registration form without additional hostnames.
Added debug mode.
Changes admin notices style.
Minor changes in CSS.
Other minor improvements.
2.0 15.02.2018
All forms now use the REST API instead of Ajax.
Added Web Presence feature (disabled by default for all accounts).
Increased the required version of WordPress to version 4.4.
Better error handling in checking account and validating email address.
Loaders.css and FontAwesome have been removed, plugin now use pure CSS.
Hint.css updated to 2.5.0
A lot of minor changes and improvements.
1.9 06.05.2017
Minimize the number of requests to validator.pizza.
Loading minified files only if SCRIPT_DEBUG isn’t defined.
Visual changes on the settings page.
FontAwesome updated to 4.7.0.
Hint.css updated to 2.4.1.
Deleting all data after uninstalling the plugin.
Other minor changes and improvements.
1.8 14.11.2016
Added two-step registration.
Added blocking of disposable email addresses.
Verify SSL in ReST API connections.
Added option to temporarily disable all the forms for not logged-in users.
Fix display of the hints.
Visual changes in settings page.
Other minor changes and improvements.
1.7 21.06.2016
Loading forms via Ajax (cache support).
FontAwesome updated to 4.6.3.
Hint.css updated to 2.3.1.
Other minor changes and improvements.
1.6.2 27.03.2016
Better connection errors handling.
1.6 25.03.2016
Changed method of getting data from mod_rest to mod_http_api (core ReST API with basic authentication).
Added retrying the connection in post data.
Minor changes and fixes.
1.5.2 24.03.2016
Minor bugfix in email notifications.
1.5 14.03.2016
Added welcome message that is sent to each newly registered account.
Removing expired transients in daily cron job.
Ability to change the required password strength.
Hint.css updated to 2.2.0.
Minor changes in settings page.
Small changes in CSS.
1.4 23.12.2015
Added vhosts support in registration.
Added connection timeout settings.
Added tools menu and function to manually change private email address.
Remove angle brackets from URLs in email notifications.
Fix date formatting in registration watcher.
Minor changes in jQuery scripts.
Changed language domain to ejabberd-account-tools to work with WordPress new translation process.
Updated FontAwesome.
1.3.1 08.08.2015
Update FontAwesome.
1.3 23.07.2015
Added form to resetting the account password.
Added form to deleting the account.
Removing incorrect parameters from URL added to the emails.
Changed the method of adding hints.
Checking current private email address before sending message to change it.
Repair captcha validation.
Changed the form-response box style.
Rename scripts files.
Translation of the plugin metadata.
Updated translations.
Minor bugfix and changes.
1.2 30.06.2015
Added ability to show information hints on forms.
Added more data to transients.
Changes in default blocked logins regexp.
Getting the properly default email address.
Validating email address by checking MX record.
Added vhosts support in changing email.
Other minor changes.
1.1.2 24.06.2015
Removing slashes from the passwords.
Improved post data.
Minor changes in sending mails.
1.1 24.06.2015
The ability to change/add private email address.
Turn off autocomplete on registration form.
Properly added a link to the settings on plugins page.
Small changes in translations.
Minor visual changes.
1.0.2 08.06.2015
Checking if selected login exists or not.
Major changes in jQuery validation.
Minify jQuery script.
Additional verification in ajax to avoid cheating jQuery script.
Proper resetting the form after success registration.
Minor changes in translation.
1.0 06.06.2015
First public version.

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