XMPP Statistics

Displays the statistics from ejabberd XMPP server through ReST API (by using module mod_http_api). The plugin is useful when the XMPP server is located on another machine. Easy to configure and use – just need to type ReST API url and insert shortcodes on the page. Plugin can save the server statistics to the database and show them in a graph just like Munin.

Here you can see the statistics, generated by this plugin, from my own XMPP server.

Download XMPP Statistics (1.9)
Last updated: 20.08.2020
1.9 20.08.2020
Visual changes on the settings page.
Simple shortcodes use pure JavaScript instead of jQuery.
Improved charts style.
Other minor improvements.
1.8.4 18.10.2019
Localize the graphs cache.
1.8.3 03.10.2019
Cache improvements.
1.8.2 27.09.2019
Improved graphs cache.
Major changes in example configuration.
Minor improvements.
1.8 27.11.2018
All forms now use the REST API instead of Ajax.
Changed the method for obtaining system information.
Added new graphs and shortcodes.
A lot of optimization in JS scripts.
Removed FontAwesome and Hint.css.
Increased the required version of WordPress to version 4.4.
Major changes in settings page.
Minor bug fixes in graphs.
Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
1.7.2 17.02.2017
Minor fixes.
1.7 10.12.2016
Daily graphs can show previous data from last week instead of only yesterday.
Added option to automatically delete unnecessary data from the database.
Verify SSL in ReST API connections.
Deleting all data after uninstalling the plugin.
Visual changes on the settings page.
Hint.css updated to 2.4.1.
FontAwesome updated to 4.7.0.
1.6 12.06.2016
Added cache system for graphs.
FontAwesome updated to 4.6.3.
Hint.css updated to 2.3.1.
Minor fixes and improvements.
1.5.4 27.04.2016
Better connection errors handling.
Removed retrying the connection in Ajax requests.
1.5.2 23.04.2016
Minor fixes and improvements.
1.5 21.04.2016
Changed method of getting data from mod_rest to mod_http_api (core ReST API with basic authentication).
Added retrying the connection in post data.
Minor changes and fixes.
1.4.12 16.03.2016
FontAwesome updated to 4.5.0.
Hint.css updated to 2.2.0.
Minor improvements.
1.4.10 17.12.2015
Return data in json at ajax requests for simple shortcodes.
Fix in showing previous graphs data.
Changed the default timeout options value.
1.4.8 21.11.2015
Don’t show graph lines when previous data timestamp is greater than hour.
Changes in cron job.
Fix graph tooltips on mobile devices.
1.4.6 25.10.2015
Fix timezone conversion in tooltips on graphs.
1.4.5 23.10.2015
Minor improvements.
1.4.4 20.10.2015
Changed commands for retrieving information about the s2s connections.
Added new options – connection timeout and connection retry limit.
Added retrying retrieve graphs data in case of an error.
Changed language domain to xmpp-statistics to work with WordPress new translation process.
Small changes in example configuration.
Other minor fixes.
1.4.2 02.10.2015
Optimize display the weekly charts.
Optimize graphs data for registered users.
Other minor changes and fixes.
1.4 21.09.2015
Optimize data loading in graphs.
Changed all dynamic jQuery scripts into static files.
Automatic update charts every 5 minutes.
Showing previously logged in users in the daily/week chart.
Added 4 new graphs for s2s connections (with previous values).
Small fixes in s2s connections graphs.
Better showing data in graph for the registered users and xmpp/system uptime.
Optional parameters for shortcode xmpp_uptime and system_uptime.
Other minor changes and fixes.
1.3.2 04.08.2015
Properly added a link to the settings on plugins page.
Updated Hint.css and FontAwesome.
Improved post data.
Minor bugfix and changes.
1.3 13.06.2015
Optimize linking the scripts.
Optimize display the graphs data in ajax.
Hiding single empty records in graphs, that seems to be a connection error.
Minor changes in getting the data.
Fix getting default options value.
Small visual changes on the options page.
1.2 27.05.2015
Added ability to change graphs style.
Added graphs loading info.
Raising the required WP version.
Other minor changes and fixes.
1.1.3 21.05.2015
Redraw graphs on browser window resize.
Improve CSS for RWD support.
1.1.2 13.05.2015
Added donations box.
Minor visual changes on the options page.
Small bugfix.
1.1 13.05.2015
Option to set last activity information on account used for authorization.
Add Font Awesome.
Visual changes on the options page.
Other minor changes and bugfix.
1.0.2 10.05.2015
Fix plugin activation/deactivation hook.
Fix including the files.
1.0 05.05.2015
First public version.

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