Uptime Robot Widget

A simple widget that shows the status of the monitored services in the Uptime Robot service. You only need to enter your Uptime Robot API key and add widget to website.

Download Uptime Robot Widget (1.8.2)
Last updated: 08.05.2020
1.8.2 08.05.2020
Minor cache improvements.
1.8 10.04.2020
Visual changes on the settings page.
Removed unused options.
Getting from API the list of public status pages.
Localize cache for multi language support.
Pure JavaScript instead of jQuery.
1.7 26.09.2019
Using REST API instead of Ajax for loading widget.
Improved cache logic.
Visual changes on the settings page.
Added API key test.
Remove FontAwesome.
Minor fix in default CSS.
1.6.2 18.02.2017
Minor bug fixes.
1.6 11.02.2017
Switch to APIv2.
Minor improvements.
1.5 19.12.2016
WsPublic status page support.
Deleting all data after uninstalling the plugin.
Visual changes on the settings page.
FontAwesome updated to 4.7.0.
Other minor improvements.
1.4 30.07.2016
Added cache system.
Better connection errors handling.
Removed retrying the connection in Ajax requests.
FontAwesome updated to 4.6.3.
Other minor improvements.
1.3.4 05.04.2016
Added retrying the connection in get data.
Fix widget constructor.
Minor changes and fixes.
1.3.2 12.03.2016
Add POT file and remove language files to allow WordPress.org language packs to take effect.
1.3 06.03.2016
Ability to get uptime ratio in a custom period.
FontAwesome updated to 4.5.0.
1.2.2 17.12.2015
Return data in json at ajax request.
Changed the default timeout options value.
1.2 21.10.2015
Added new options – connection timeout and connection retry limit.
Added retrying retrieve data in case of an error.
Changed language domain to uptime-robot-widget to work with WordPress new translation process.
Other changes and fixes.
1.1.3 08.08.2015
Use PHP5 object constructors.
1.1.2 04.08.2015
Updated FontAwesome.
Minor bugfix.
1.1 21.06.2015
Optimize linking the scripts.
Minify jQuery script.
Properly added a link to the settings on plugins page.
1.0.2 28.05.2015
Minor changes and fixes.
1.0 25.05.2015
First public version.

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